The puskesmas is Implementing Technical Service Unit (UNIT) health districts/cities is responsible for organizing health development in an area. Clinics as health service center first strata organizes first-level health services overall, integrated and sustainable health services, which includes individuals (private goods) and the Ministry of public health (public goods). Clinics conducting activities including public health efforts as a form of health development efforts.
The puskesmas is a direct functional organizations providing services to the community as a whole in one particular region in the form of principal health efforts. The kind waitress health adapted to the ability of clinics, but there is a compulsory health effort that must be implemented by public health coupled with the efforts of health development tailored to existing problems as well as the ability of clinics.
Compulsory health efforts is (Basic Six): Health promotion efforts, the efforts of environmental health, maternal and child health and family planning, community nutrition improvement Efforts, the efforts of prevention and eradication of infectious diseases, treatment efforts Based on the above considerations and in 1994, Puskesmas Kuta Selatan located at Jln. Srikandi No. 40A, Benoa, South Kuta, with the code number of clinics that is 2904. The status of the South Kuta Clinic currently i.e. Outpatient Clinics with 24-hour ER. now VCT Clinics/HIV and STI built in 2010.

Indoor Services

  • Patient Registration

    Patient registration site before getting service. Patient registration card services serving the BPJS, JKBM Jamkesmas, and the public.

  • Public Polyclinic

    Outpatient services centered on public clinics. Service by doctors and paramedics who work professionally in serving patients. Public clinics are equipped with electrocardiography (tool record electrical activity of the heart), nebulizer (vaporizers for patient shortness with respiratory tract constriction), and more. EMERGENCY Service available 24 hours for emergency patients.

  • Dental Clinic

    Dental Clinic services provided by dentists and dental nurses who are experienced in the service, such as examination, treatment, patching, revocation, cleaning of tartar, and other actions.

  • MCH Clinic/KB

    MCH clinic providing services/KB an examination of pregnancy (antenatal care), post delivery (parturition), newborn (neonatal), toddlers and children, immunization of pregnant women and infants, the Ministry KB syringe, pills, IUD, Implants and other

  • Emergency Room Service

    South Kuta clinic equipped with EMERGENCY Room that serves patients with emergency cases. Service is provided 24 hours.

  • Laboratory

    UPT Laboratory Unit. Puskesmas Kuta Selatan having a skilled analyst, and able to work on laboratory examination, among others: blood type, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, pregnancy test, sputum for TUBERCULOSIS sufferers, complete blood/routine, uric acid, test for HIV, and infection for inspection body duh sexually transmitted.

  • VCT Clinics/IMS

    UPT. Puskesmas Kuta Selatan have VCT/STI Clinics. VCT clinic is a clinic that provides counselling and voluntary HIV testing. There is also a VCT clinic service “satellite ARVS (Anti Retro Viral)” where patients with HIV/AIDS could take drugs ARVS in Clinics without having to to was/HOSPITALS again. The satellite in question is where patients with […]

  • Lactation Room & Consulting Nutrition

    UPT. Puskesmas Kuta Selatan has a nutritional consultation service on 2nd floor which was carried out by a nutritionist. This includes consulting, nutrition consultation–for patients with DM (Diabetes mellitus)-nutritional consultation for patients with gout–nutritional consultation for patients with high cholesterol–nutritional consultation for patients with hypertension (high blood pressure)-nutritional consultations for expectant mothers KEK (less Chronic […]

  • Pharmacies

    Room pharmacies serve dispensing to patient compliance with prescribed from a doctor. Pharmacies are equipped with a blender a remedy for prescription medications that must be in the form of fresh powder

  • Drug Warehouse

    Drug warehouse distributes drugs to drug needs drugs in pharmacies and Puskesmas Pembantu who asked each month.

Oudoor Services

  • Month Immunization Of School Children

  • DDTKA examination (early detection of Growing Flower child)

    DDTKA examination (early detection of Growing Flower child) is a growing flower children conducted in schools to detect any deviation of the growing swell of emotional and mental by means of inspection of the TB, W, head circumference, and with a detailed questionnaire Pre Skrening Developments (KPSP)

  • Elderly Posyandu

    Posyandu is an elderly health care facilities that are located in the villages that are aimed at improving public health, especially for people who are already aged further. Elderly Posyandu is a vehicle service for the elderly yg done from, by, and for the age of promotif services yg pd focuses on preventive and curative […]

  • Service Of The ANC (Ante Natal Care)

    Antenatal services is comprehensive antenatal services integrated and quality provided to all pregnant mothers are integrated with other programs (pregnancy examination by a general practitioner, dental examination, laboratory examination, counseling as well as administering folic acid) that requires intervention during her pregnancy. The Ministry integrated the ANC implemented in 6 Pustu region South kuta clinic […]

  • Toddler Posyandu

    Some of the activities carried out at the Posyandu Toddlers : registration, weighing, immunization, sweeping extension, construction of the cadres.

  • Elderly Posyandu

    There’s some of the activities implemented: extension, health screening simple, elderly, gymnastics examination lab (blood sugar, cholesterol).

  • The Integrated ANC

    The Integrated ANC is a Program service for pregnant women with antenatal services provides the principle of integrated, comprehensive and qualified to detect early abnormalities/diseases/disorders suffered by pregnant women, the integration program of the ANC Integrated maternal neonatal tetanus i.e. elimination (MNTE), anticipation of the nutritional deficiency in pregnancy, malaria prevention in pregnancy (PMDK), prevention […]

  • School Health Activities

    There are some of the activities implemented: Business School Dental Health UKGS kindergarten networking, kls 1 SD junior high and high school, BIAS, extension, Jumantik young, healthy schools Competition

  • Periodic Larva Examination

    There’s some of the activities implemented: individual and Family Counselling, examination of the larva into homes, a division of abate

  • Cases Tracking or epidemiological

    Tracking potentially infectious cases / outbreaks