Prolanis Club

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Puskesmas Kuta Selatan Prolanis Club team Educational Group activities Participants Prolanis. Chronic Disease management program (Prolanis) is a Program organized BPJS, is a system of health services and proactive approach to involving participants, health facilities, and Health in order to keep the BPJS health participants Health BPJS suffering from chronic diseases (Diabetes and hypertension) so as to achieve optimal quality of life with a cost effective and efficient health services. One of its activities is to enhance the knowledge of participants in an effort to restore the disease and prevent a return of the disease and to improve the health status of Prolanis for participants.
In addition to public awareness and increased knowledge of the Club Prolanis also implement gymnastics therapy guided by Dr. Anne Marannu as instructor of gymnastics Team Prolanis. This activity is a routine activity in agenda each month.