Puskesmas Kuta Selatan serves as a Central driving force of the development of Health Center, insightful community empowerment, health service center first strata, namely, individuals, health services and public health services in the form of Promotif, Preventive, Curative and Rehabilitative.

The mandatory program

The mandatory program which had been carried out in standard Clinics Kuta South amongst other things :

  • Maternal and child health (MCH)

    Maternal and child health (MCH) has a variety of activities such as, ANC (Antenatal Care), PNC (Post Natal Care), KB (family planning), Reference Bumil Resti, Pap smears, the IVA Test.

  • Treatment Programs

    Treatment programs have a variety of activities such as Outpatient, Poly, Poly Public Outpatient dental, Emergency Unit (ER), a touring health centers (Puskel).

  • Prevention of infectious diseases (P2M)

    Prevention of infectious diseases (P2M), this program has a variety of activities such as Epidemiological Surveilens, tracking cases: tuberculosis, leprosy, DBD, Malaria, Avian Flu, RESPIRATORY, diarrhea, STI (sexually transmitted Infections), Rabies.

  • Health Promotion

    Health promotion consists of several activities including community health Extension Program Health, socialization, Community Health Care (Perkesmas)

  • Logging and reporting

    Logging and reporting features activities such as Logging and Reporting System, Integrated health centers (SP2TP).

  • Environmental health

    Environmental health has such activity, Superintendence SPAL (sewer waste water), SAMI–JAGA (source of drinking water–family latrines), TTU (public areas), government institutions, a Survey of mosquito Larva.

  • Nutritional Improvement Efforts

    Nutritional Improvement efforts have activities such as Tracking, Weighing a toddler, poor nutrition, Nutritional Counseling, nutritional consultation.

Additional Programs/Supporting Clinics

This support program is usually implemented as an extra activity, according to the capabilities of human resources and material in the conduct of South Kuta clinic services.

  • School Health

    School Health has activities such as healthy schools, coaching, training the little doctor

  • Adolescent reproductive

    Adolescent reproductive health has activities such as, counseling, counseling

  • The health of the Elderly (Elderly)

    The health of the Elderly (Elderly) has activities such as, examination, networking, Posyandu Elderly

  • Mental Health

    Mental Health has activities such as logging, case, case citation

  • Eye health

    Eye health features activities such as tracking, cases, reference

  • The health of the sport

    The health of the sport have activities such as gymnastics, physical freshness