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Clinic Helpers Pecatu has work areas covering an area of 2461 Ha which consists of 9 (nine) environment/banjar, namely:

Banjar Kangin, Banjar Girisari, Banjar Tambyak, Banjar, Banjar, Banjar Suluban Coral Boma, Banjar, Banjar Kauh Labuan Sait, and Banjar Buana Sari.

The location is in the banjar Pustu Kangin between settlement in road Pratu banjar Sakling Kangin Pecatu village.

2014 year end population as much as the soul 7426 consists of male and female souls 3719 3707 of the soul with the number of KK 2071.

Pecatu village limits as follows:

To the North: the village of Jimbaran
To the East: the village of Ungasan
South: Indonesia Ocean
West: Ocean Indonesia
Pecatu Pustu building comprises 1 Room, 1 room KIA/KB administration room, 1 room, 1 data, 1 Cellar, 1 bathroom and 1 waiting room.

To the West of the building in the wake of the birthing place Pustu namely Pecatu consisting of BKIA 1 the examination room, 1 maternity room, 1 room parturition, counseling and waiting rooms, as well as the residence of the midwife Pustu.

Pecatu Pustu had 3 effort i.e. midwives Ni Luh Budi AStari, which resides in the mess the building side by side with Pustu BKIA Pustu Pecatu one midwife Midwives i.e. luh Budiani, and 1 Ritayu org power cleaning service.

There is a temple Pecatu Pustu relic in Sad heaven yaotu Pura Luhur Uluwatu is located in banjar area visited by ramail the Suluban many domestic and foreign tourists.

Pecatu village there are 6 SD be assisted Pustu Pecatu and 1 Private JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SMP i.e. Ngurah Rai.

Also there are 3 kindergartens and 1 OLD namely Eka Darma Tri Loka TK and TK, TK Kumara Widya Graha Kumara and OLD.

The role of Community Health in Pecatu is through Posyandu activities carried out each month in each banjar.

The number of cadres of Posyandu toddler by as much as 45 org

Besides Posyandu toddler Posyandu are also elderly, where elderly Posyandu on an active region of pecatu is in Banjar Coral BOma, Banjar, Banjar NBanjar Buana sari and Labuan sait.

Jumalh elderly cadres who were active as many as 20 people, and there is also the BKB cadre.

Our Programs

  • Maternal and child health (MCH)

    Maternal and child health (MCH) has a variety of activities such as, ANC (Antenatal Care), PNC (Post Natal Care), KB (family planning), Reference Bumil Resti, Pap smears, the IVA Test.

  • Treatment Programs

    Treatment programs have a variety of activities such as Outpatient, Poly, Poly Public Outpatient dental, Emergency Unit (ER), a touring health centers (Puskel).

  • Prevention of infectious diseases (P2M)

    Prevention of infectious diseases (P2M), this program has a variety of activities such as Epidemiological Surveilens, tracking cases: tuberculosis, leprosy, DBD, Malaria, Avian Flu, RESPIRATORY, diarrhea, STI (sexually transmitted Infections), Rabies.

  • Health Promotion

    Health promotion consists of several activities including community health Extension Program Health, socialization, Community Health Care (Perkesmas)

  • Logging and reporting

    Logging and reporting features activities such as Logging and Reporting System, Integrated health centers (SP2TP).

  • Environmental health

    Environmental health has such activity, Superintendence SPAL (sewer waste water), SAMI–JAGA (source of drinking water–family latrines), TTU (public areas), government institutions, a Survey of mosquito Larva.

  • Nutritional Improvement Efforts

    Nutritional Improvement efforts have activities such as Tracking, Weighing a toddler, poor nutrition, Nutritional Counseling, nutritional consultation.

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