Young Jumantik

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Jumantik Young (Young Larva Monitoring Interpreter) are middle school students who were selected to be trained to understand the basics of dengue prevention, knowledge sharing environment to friends and family and doing activities mosquito eradication in school and at home. Little Jumantik through the action of this, children are trained to no longer be a victim of dengue fever but was able to become agents of change and inspiration for the environment.

The Health Center 2015 South Kuta empowers school children doing activities Jumantik new Little Little ini.Aksi Jumantik implemented in SD 1 Benoa, SMP 4 Kuta Selatan , SMA 1 Kuta Selatan in the village Benoa. PHC South Kuta fully committed to continue disseminating this Little Jumantik activities through both digital and manual counseling so that more parties can participate in the Young Jumantik carry out activities other schools in the village and the villages in the region Puskesmas Kuta Selatan