Healthy Indonesia Program with Family Approach

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Health development is an effort undertaken by all components of the Indonesian nation to increase awareness, willingness, and healthy living capability for every person to realize the condition of Indonesian society that has the optimal health status. In the strategic plan of the Ministry of Health 2015-2019 which confirms Healthy Indonesia Program through Family Approach (PIS-PK) in support of Healthy Living Community Movement (GERMAS).

The Family Approach is not a new program, but one way the Puskesmas increase the reach of targets and increase public access to health services by coming to families.

The Family Approach aims to: 1) Improve family access to comprehensive and quality health services; 2) Support the achievement of SPM Kabupaten / Kota and SPM provinces; 3) Support the implementation of JKN; 4) Support the achievement of Healthy Indonesia Program.

From the legal aspect, Minister of Health Regulation No. 39 of 2016 on Guidelines for the Implementation of Healthy Indonesia Program with Family Approach (PIS-PK) has been published.PIS-PK is implemented by Puskesmas with the following characteristics: 1) The main target is Family; 2) Prioritize Promotive-Preventive efforts, together with strengthening community-based health efforts (UKBM); 3) Home visits by Pusksmas actively to increase outreach and total coverage; and 4) Life cycle approach.

The PIS-PK activity at the South Kuta Health Center is implemented gradually with the target of 2017 as much as 20% (5180 KK) from all the families in South Kuta subdistrict of 25,862 families. Currently being done gradually in the village of Tanjung Benoa subdistrict  Kec Kuta Selatan with the target number of KK as much as .1271 KK. The target in 2018 as much as 80% of the total number of households can be surveyed, and total coverage is targeted at the beginning of 2019 Team PIS-PK Puskesmas coordinated by dr IGA Dyah Utari with members, Ni Made Adiantini, Suparti SKM, Ns Gede Sumitra Tenaya SKep, and Made Artanta.