DBD Taman Griya

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In an attempt to prevent a rise in cases of dengue fever in the region of South Kuta Clinic then South Kuta Clinic perform anticipation with Mosquito Nest Eradication activities or PSN DBD this time such activities focused on The Jimbaran banjar Taman Griya by involving the entire Cadre of health (JUMANTIK) in the Work of clinics and staff from Clinics, Mr. Head, Danramil, and the range of activities participated in the implementation of the PSN DBD. As for the purpose of Mass PSN was implemented in Banjar Taman Griya is to control the population of the mosquito Aedes Aegypti. so transmission of DBD (Dengue Fever) can be prevented or reduced. While the target of this activity are all the shelters of water that can be potentially as breeding places of the mosquito Aedes Aegypti. sp. While the success rate of this activity is measured by the Number of free Larva (ABJ). Implementation in the open by the father of the Head with the surrender of Abate by the head of the clinic of Dr. IGN B Poets Dj m. Kes