School Children Immunization Month (BIAS)

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Bias is the month in which the whole immunization activities carried out in the whole of Indonesia by the Ministry of education and culture, Minister of Interior, Minister of religious affairs and the Minister of health.
Immunization is administering the vaccine with the aim to obtain protection (immunity) of the infectious diseases that can be prevented by immunization (PD3I).
The purpose of the implementation of the BIAS is to maintain the preliminary swimsuit segment Neonaturum Tetanus, Diphtheria disease control and disease of Measles in the long run through immunization DT, TT and measles in children of the school.
Immunization provided at BIAS, there are three types namely:
Measles on the child class I
DT on the child class I
TT on the child class II and III
Often called Tampek (Betawi), Gabagan (Java), Bali Madewa, Mazelen (Netherlands), Maesles (United Kingdom) and Morbili (Latin) is a very dangerous disease for babies and children because often accompanied the bronchopneumonia complications many cause death in infants and children.
The dangers of measles disease is high heat, inflammation of the mouth and throat, diarrhea, encephalitis, pneumonia, worsened malnutrition.
The way of transmission is in direct contact and through breathing. Students are exposed to measles should not be allowed the school to recover from transmission to the well researched his friends.
Prevention by administering Measles immunization at a time baby (9 months) and repeated (booster) back in time to add to his ELEMENTARY SCHOOL class I immune for life.
Diphtheria is a very dangerous throat inflammation can cause the death of a child in just a few days.
Tetanus is a disease of muscle spasms throughout the body by the mouth buttoned could not open
The way of transmission of Diphtheria through splashsplashing saliva sufferers time coughs and sneezes, through the handkerchief, towels and tools food polluted germs of disease. While Tetanus penuralannya via the umbilical cord with the help of labor that is not clean/sterile, through a wound (impaled spikes, beling).
Diphtheria: damage to the heart, respiratory congestion
Tetanus: mouth buttoned, stiffness, seizures, pneumonia
Prevention immunization with DPT Immunization and infant at the time DT on class I TT Immunization as well as SD on class II and III as Deuteronomy (booster) to add lifetime immunity.
Tetanus Neonatorum is a disease of muscle spasms throughout the body by the mouth can be opened not buttoned.
Transmission method of Tetanus Neonatorum via the umbilical cord with the help of labor that is not clean/sterile, through a wound (impaled spikes, beling).
The danger: the mouth buttoned, stiffness, spasms, and pneumonia
Prevention by administering DPT immunization in infants, DT on class I, class II and TT III SD as Deuteronomy (booster) to add a lifetime of immunity and immunization of women of fertile age in the TT (WUS) 15-39 years/pregnant women up to the status of the T5.
BIAS in South Kuta Clinics held twice a year, namely on:
The month of September for immunization against measles in a child class I
November DT immunization for the grant on the child class I, TT on the child class II and III.
BIAS is exercised throughout the primary school (elementary school) and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) State and private entities, as for the number of SD objectives in the area of South Kuta Clinic is as much as 53 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
Target activities of BIAS is throughout elementary school children (SD) and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) State and private educational institutions on a par with other ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (boarding schools, seminaries, SDLB) men and women.
For children who are not BIASED on the implementation so that schools are invited to the nearest health centers to get immunization, while for a sick child immunization was postponed administering and when cured so that invited to the nearest clinics to immunized.