Breastfeeding For New Moms

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Feeding into the activity cannot be separated from a woman who had just given birth to a baby. Nursing became an important activity of the women for the future health of their babies.
Unfortunately, many mothers who decide not to breastfeed her son exclusively due to many things, for example because of work and even up to crucial reasons.
At least, though not exclusive, feeding the baby into consideration is important because breast milk contain colostrum (ASI) as a source of important antibodies to protect baby against disease, such as antibodies to the development in the first year.
Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for your baby. Breastfeeding helps the uterus return back to original size and reduces postpartum bleeding. Finally, breastfeeding can reduce weight. At the very least, capable of feeding fat burning up to 500 calories per day.
Other benefits include, BREAST MILK can reduce the risk of postpartum depression, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Reported from the Healthy Woman, breastfeeding is the learning process; None of us know how to do it. But, try is the right choice.
Try to breastfeed in the first hour of birth. This helps the uterus to contract and provide the colostrum to baby. Don’t forget to ask Your baby with hover after delivery, so you can nurse him according to your needs.
Typically, BREAST MILK can be consumed baby smoothly around the third or fourth day of birth. Try not to introduce a bottle or a nipple, including dot, to condition Your breastfeeding improves. Before breastfeeding, you should drink a glass of water.
Breastfeeding Challenges
For nursing mothers, there are several obstacles that must be traversed. One of them is a nipple was injured. Let Your nipples after breastfeeding to first dry finish. Limit the time breast feeding breast breast and between one another. Then, position the baby must also be right in order for him to feel comfortable and can suck BREAST MILK with many.
The next challenge is swelling because BREAST MILK is produced too much. Natural way so that BREAST MILK is not wasted, you should pump breast milk. To reduce swelling, you can mengkompresnya with warm water or put a cabbage leaf on your breasts to help relieve some of the pressure.
Mastitis or breast infection is also inevitable for some women breast-feeding as a challenge. If you feel like experiencing the flu, one breast is red, hot and sick, chances are you have mastitis.
Antibiotics are useful to clean the infection. While, You can pump BREAST MILK to give to the baby. To prevent mastitis, make sure you empty your breasts regularly. In addition, consuming supplements or eat foods made from yogurt were able to prevent mastitis.
Other than mastitis, Thrush is a yeast infection that can form because the breast is too moist, the nipple pain, undergo a diet after delivery, yeast food, drink antibiotics, birth control pills or steroids. Symptoms include very sore nipples, breast pain, sore or scaly or itchy.
If you are experiencing this, be careful because the baby may be contracting. Characterized by the presence of white spots on the lips of the baby. To prevent this, make sure Your nipples dry. Use the nipple pads in her bra, wear a clean bra every day and reduce the amount of sugar intake.