159 villages in Bali contracted the Rabies Virus

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Now recorded in Bali there are already 159 villages contracted rabies. This condition is certainly alarming enough, given the rabies virus is deadly to humans.
Previously recorded throughout the first six months in the year 2015, there are 155 village se-Bali had contracted rabies.
“This is because many owners who meliarkan his dog and his dog was dumped in the Woods and it’s not vaccinated,” explained Sumantra.
Even the tourist areas too have been infected with rabies almost all over Bali. Including the area of Ubud, Gianyar, and also of Kuta.
The number of residents who died from dog bite rabies in Bali is also quite large, and trends increased sharply by 2015.
By 2013, there is only one case and 2015 into two cases. But in 2015 to August, victims of death from rabies has reached number 14.
Buleleng still became the most numerous cases of rabies deaths, that is, five people. Followed by Karangasem Klungkung three people, 2 people, then the Bangli, Gianyar, Tabanan, Badung and each one person.
While two other district, Jembrana and Denpasar, nihil victims died of rabies.
The last victim died of rabies are I Wayan Ranti. Pekak origin Banjar Abyan Soan, Village Bongaja, Bebandem, Karangasem final exhale, this Saturday (29/8/2015) was night at the Sanglah.
He was exposed to rabies after being bitten by his dog who kept at his home.
Back rampant cases of rabies dog attacks would certainly be a warning to the citizens and also the Government of the province of Bali.
Let alone earlier in Bali had crisis of Anti-Rabies Vaccine (VAR) to swallow a lot of casualties.
But Bali Provincial Health Office ensures the issue of VAR is already resolved.
Bali health office claiming the stock of VAR in Bali now reached 16,000 vial so it is still safe for up to three months in advance.
If seen from the average bite of animal rabies in Bali, penular number of VAR is still sufficient for up to 2 to 3 months in the future,” said the head of the Bali Provincial Health Office, dr I Ketut Suarjaya.
In addition to stock in Bali Health Office, it also explains if 16,000 vial VAR also as a backup if the district/city experiencing scarcity of VAR.
If the stock of the VAR in the County/City already reduced or thinning is expected soon to do the coordination with the Department of health of the province of Bali. So, we can eventually redistribusikan VAR, either from the County Health Office or from in-stock still a lot, “said Suarjaya.
The public can get Rabies in VAR Centre spread over nine districts/cities in Bali. The VAR is available in all public areas of hospitals and clinics.